Show me your world, was born thanks to the inspiring story and daily experience of one of its founders Mariella Mongiovi.  She has twin daughters who were diagnosed with autism at an early age.  Since then, she has dedicated all her time to study and professional preparation, searching for tools and equipment to assist her in making her girls’ lives fulfilling.  Using various conventional and unconventional therapies and modalities, Mariella has made great strides with her girls. Her great childhood friends Alejandra Castillo and Alessandra Villegas, knowing the high economic sacrifices that performing therapies represent and how necessary they are for each child, decided to raise the idea of creating a foundation to assist those who do not have sufficient resources to be able to obtain these therapies that greatly benefit the daily life of these children on the autism spectrum. The three of them are not only good friends, but today they have a common purpose and life mission, which is to help build the future of children, through financial assistance to families to be able to carry out all kinds of therapy. Who do we assist? All families who need help having a child diagnosed with autism.  In principle, we are limited to assisting families residing in Florida, and children between 3 and 15 years old. In the long term, our goal is to be able to serve all ages and internationally, with the support of all the companies and people who join our cause and believe in our project. We firmly believe that in unity there is strength and that is why we are not only going to assist financially but we are going to dedicate ourselves to educating ourselves and all those who wish to contribute a grain of sand in this beautiful cause.