Alessandra Villegas

Since Alessandra became a mom, she has developed a great sensitivity towards the value of motherhood and childhood, this coupled with being an ambassador for Crystal Path’s Autism, the center dedicated to serve children diagnosed with autism, has made known the importance of supporting families of children with neurodiversity because she has seen first-hand the great effort they make to integrate into society and be able to create a routine that allows them to have an optimal quality of life. These lived experiences were an impulse to decide that one of her missions is to help educate, train and sensitize all possible people to understand that a diagnosis does not define any human being, likewise, Alessandra decided with friend Mariella Mongiovi, whom she admires and respects for her great work to start a foundation to help children with this condition. Knowing the importance of motherhood you open your heart and understand that although each child is different, everyone deserves love, respect and dedication. Thanks to Crystal Path’s Autism she could see that dedication to children with autism must be even stronger, more energetic, and creative, which became our principal objective.